Come see me at Solare, check my events for dates and times! They have decorated it to be very festive, as they do every year! And the food continues to blow me away!

The Main Tap Comedy and Magic Show

Another night of Comedy Magic! Come out and see me on Stage where normally the public doesn't see that part of my act!

There is lots of beer, and the food is excellent! AND NO COVER!



Magic at The Gathering RETURNS

So Magic at The Gathering has been gone on Saturdays for a couple months now. Yes, I've been very sad, so I wasn't SUPPOSED to have a show last night, but an elder lady that is a regular customer at The Gathering (which is an absolute sweetheart) called me and asked if i was there, I told her I wasn't but I would come by and say hello. On my way there, the owner called me and asked me to perform for a bit, I had to be somewhere so I only had an hour (not to mention I ONLY had on me a deck of cards.... noooo problem  I arrived, managed to talk the owner into having me back for Saturdays, visited with the nice lady, and actually stated an extra 45 min than planned, and still made my other plans JUST in time!!! For this week, i'll be at the Gathering both Friday AND Saturday, see you there!!!

The Main Tap Comedy and Magic Show!

 Hey guys, don't forget about the show tmrw at

 I will be part of the line up of a great cast of Comedians! Show starts at 8 PM, I'll be there a bit later as I am coming from another show, so don't freak out if you don't see me right away, i'll be going on towards the latter half! NO COVER OR REQUIRED DRINK PURCHASES!!!




While being in Las Vegas for a Magic Convention, I get a call for a show in Mexico, a little hesitant to take it.... I did anyways! What a great experience it was to perform in another  country! It felt like I was a spy in a movie, going in a foreign country speaking the language and taking their taxi's. It just goes to show there is no language barrier when it comes to something universally loved, like Magic!

ABC Youth Foundation Show

 Yesterday I did a show for a group of troubled kids who come from broken homes, bad neiborboods, and or just on the verge on going down the wrong path. This show was at the ABC Youth Foundation, which was put on my Archie Moore, who incase you don't know, is a now deceased boxer who at the end of his life, resided in San Diego. Now his son, Billy Moore in the President of the organization. It was an absoulte pleasure to perform for these children! They were all very well behaved, well-mannered, and were very grateful as they approached me afterwards with many questions, and compliments! one of the best parts was I got to perform with the actual boxing ring in the background! What a gratifying show!!! 

Camels Breath

Tuesday July 16th I'll be starting a bar venue tonight from 7 to 9! I'm excited, I think I'll have a little more freedom to mess people up! 


Cal Tech University July 30th

I'll be driving up to LA for a very unique show for the students of Cal Tech! It's a returning show which I'm very excited to be back for!

An inspired spectator wrote this after seeing me, and more than two years later ran into me again and sent it to me.


Having drinks and dinner at Solare’s last night

Camille and I were treated to a magic show. 

“On the house” as Derek the magician put it,

a smart way to break down our first wall of resistance. 

Not that we would have resisted too hard,

he was young, personable, good looking and we were fresh

from a long December walk and open to some fun. 

You believe what the hands tell you.

One hand shows you the coin

and goes through the motion of passing it

to the eager, waiting, receptive other hand.

Which accepts the coin gratefully

holding it carefully from view

and, as hands do, passing it to pocket

where it will wait.  Wait patiently

for the magical trip to the first hand

where with a wave and a finger snap

it goes, from empty pocket to closed hand

where the truth has been waiting for us to see

and we do and we are pleased.

He then did a clever thing with Chinese coins

and a ribbon, focusing on Camille, with the ribbon

ends held in his hand he magic’ed the coins

off the ribbon, and closed her hand around them. 

And then coins from her hands to the ribbon. 

I gave him a good tip and a “Merry New Year”

as I was feeling pretty good and enjoying myself. 

Later we watched our magician at the next table,

as Derek did tricks for a ten year old and his mom. 

I had the vantage point of watching from the side

and could see some of his handiwork.  Seeing how

we are led to believe what we expect to believe,

that the coin will be passed hand to hand,

if that is what the hands tell us. 

I think of other magicians, the un-professed ones,

the senator, ministers and businessmen,

who plant a strawman idea which we accept readily,

but is really un-examined but accepted as legitimate,

then take us un-wary listeners, down the path from there. 

Beware of starting points, the coin may not have been passed hand to hand as expected.