National Magician - Chicago

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fly out to Chicago for the first time to perform a very private function for Muneer Satter and the retired Navy Seal Organization.  The show was held in his private home which was most beautiful and had the view of Lake Michigan. It was so grand that the room I performed in had it's own name, it was called the Moroccan Room. It was a most extravagant show.

 One of the best experiences of this event,  was having the ability to explore the city the next day. I had never been to Chicago before, and there is no better reason to go somewhere, than when you're paid to do it! I love my job and the adventures it takes me on. Before I left for this event, a friend told me about a great speakeasy called, The Violet Hour. I didn't have any reservations, but because it was early in the evening, and I was only one, I was able to get in. There I sat at the bar, enjoyed a cocktail, and chatted up with the Bartender. I was telling him where I was from and what I was doing there. Next thing I knew, the couple next to me, said they overheard that I was from San Diego and so were they. We ended up befriending each other and spending the rest of the evening hanging out! At the time i was living in Arizona, but since, I have moved back to San Diego and I keep in touch with my new friends. They also have moved back to San Diego and just had a new baby. It's truly amazing where Magic has brought me and the people it has connected me to.

National Magician

One of the best parts of being a full time entertainer is the ability to travel so much for work. An old Magician, by the name of Marvin Roy, once said, "as a Magician, you may never be a millionaire, but you'll live like one!" He couldn't have never been more right. 

Do you get to do what you love for a living?

Not many people do. And there didn't used to be a lot of things that people could do as a passion and make a living out it. I no longer believe that statement to be true. With the way things work these days, social media, and so many small business out there; everyone wants to help each other grow. I highly encourage anyone out there to at least and try and make a side business out of their passion. You'll never work harder for anyone other than yourself!