Magic at The Gathering RETURNS

So Magic at The Gathering has been gone on Saturdays for a couple months now. Yes, I've been very sad, so I wasn't SUPPOSED to have a show last night, but an elder lady that is a regular customer at The Gathering (which is an absolute sweetheart) called me and asked if i was there, I told her I wasn't but I would come by and say hello. On my way there, the owner called me and asked me to perform for a bit, I had to be somewhere so I only had an hour (not to mention I ONLY had on me a deck of cards.... noooo problem  I arrived, managed to talk the owner into having me back for Saturdays, visited with the nice lady, and actually stated an extra 45 min than planned, and still made my other plans JUST in time!!! For this week, i'll be at the Gathering both Friday AND Saturday, see you there!!!