Magic Vs. Mentalism

THAT is the question!!! As a professional Corporate Magician, I've always struggled with this, because Magic is what I love, and it's so visual, and so beautiful; however, Mentalism is so strong! Why you ask? You see, often times with Magic, there is some type of prop. Whether that be a deck of cards, or an intricate box with fancy lights and pretty girls, unconsciously people think it has something to do with those props. Whether or not that is true, or it is just pure sleight of hand, is besides the point. Magicians are able to accomplish the impossible, and usually it's pretty visual, but when it comes to Mentalism, the impression is given off that we (Magicians) truly either plucked the thought right from someone's head, or got vibes or an impression that led us to our conclusion. And the props that we use are usually no more than innocent pieces of paper and a pen which EVERYONE is familiar with. Even a deck of cards that everyone is supposedly familiar with, they do not know a deck of cards intimately like that of a Magician, so they often suspect something funny. I invite spectators to handle and shuffle my cards, because the second you do, you can see the astonishment if their face become heightened! At the moment, I mix Magic and Mentalism, but I am starting to think they both have their own place, and perhaps Mentalism is exponentially more impressive when done as a stand alone show. The reason being, that if you combine the Magic, and the spectator thinks the Magic was just a "trick" they will put that in the same category when viewing Mentalism. I'm excited to see where and how my show develops!

Full-Time Professional Magician

As I grew up, many things took my interest including sports, drawing, and painting. I was a very curious kid who really strived on both science as well as creativity. It wasn't until 2006 when I got accepted to Cal Polytechnic in San Luis Obispo to study Architectural Engineering. It was that same year that I discovered Magic and my entire life changed! I was so enthralled and obsessed with this new found passion of Magic that I literally was contemplating a brand new future. But I am a kind of person to see things through and not give up on things I pursue. So my new goal was to pursue full-time Engineering and Part-time Magic and eventually ween off the Engineering and do full-time Magic! Well, as I graduated in 2010 and moved back to San Diego, I found that finding a job as an engineer with no experience and living in America's finest city was NOT the easiest of tasks. It became rather daunting and discouraging. As I continued to look for work, I kept up my Magic. I continued to perform and book gigs, and things began to snow ball. I started teaching Magic, I became the President of my local Magic Club, and I held court at several restaurants where I was a weekly performer there. Suddenly, I was too busy to give my full time attention to looking for a job in the corporate world because I was too busy entertaining the corporate world. Fast forward 5 years later, I thought to myself, If money was not an issue, what would I do? I thought I wouldn't do engineering. Although I enjoy it for what it is, when you do it full time, you are constantly under the gun and always having to fulfill deadlines and it can be rather stressful. But I thought I would do Magic whether I got paid or not! Right then I was content doing what I was doing. Just a few months later, my mind set completely changed and I thought about the time and money that was spent in school and how long it had been since I graduated. I feared that if I didn't pursue Engineering NOW, that my chance would be lost and I would forever regret it. So once again I got serious about it and looked for jobs, however; this time I didn't limit myself to just San Diego. I thought I would have to look elsewhere in order to find something. I end up finding a company in the Bay area and worked as an Engineer for 3 years. I took 2 exams to lead to becoming a fully licensed Engineer. All while still battling in my head if I should follow my passion. Well the day has come where I have put a stable Engineering job in the past and have followed what truly makes me happy, what I wake up for in the morning. I have a beautiful girlfriend inside and out who one day I will make her my wife! She has been 100% supportive in whatever I wanted to do. She just wanted me to be happy and knew my aspirations will lead to good things. So here's to a job where I am my own man, make my own hours and deadlines, and hold myself responsible for everything! You will never work harder for anyone than yourself!

2016 Lecture Notes

My 2016 Lecture Notes are finally Live and ready for purchase on my site! Check it out under my SHOP tab!

4F (FFFF) 2016

What does 4F stand for?! Good question - Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic! It is an invite only convention held in Buffalo, NY every April. Flash back... It was last year 2016 when I was at Magic Live, the worlds Largest Magic convention held in Las Vegas! I was doing a signature effect of mine (pictured below) to some fellow Magi. Unbeknownst to me, Obie O'brien who runs 4F was watching from over my shoulder, and as I was done, a hand grabbed my shoulder, I turned and it was Obie - he said, "you fooled the S*&t out of me!!" And right there he cordially invited me to his convention. I was honored. He said I had to get to sponsors, which I was able to have Doc Eason and Eric Jones (current AGT contestant) happily sponsor me. Stay tuned for my 4F experience!


2017 Cal Tech University July 31st

I had another great time at my Cal Tech show! 5th year in a row!!! I drove up to LA for a very unique show for the students of Cal Tech! It's a returning show which I'm very excited to be back for every year!


Back to San Diego

So after being in Phoenix and performing in the Market out here, it is time I return home to San Diego and continue corporate entertainment of Magic, Mentalism, and Hypnosis! I shall return back in just a few weeks, and I have already lined up my first show for a private event on Shelter Island, which I'm very excited! See you soon, San Diego!

Magic Live 2016

Just got back from Magic Live 2016, the largest convention in the US. This was the first convention I attended back in 2009 and has continued to be the one that I consistently go to. It's great to see familiar faces and make new friends! This year was especially great for several reasons. I was there with my good friend Chris Oberle, I met a new friend, Tom Wright, I showed Murphy's Magic a couple of products that they loved and want me to bring out, and last, but now least, I got invited to 4F (FFFF). That is a convention in Buffalo, New York and is invite only! It stands for Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic!

House Of Comedy

Another night at the house of Comedy! Looking forward to performing some more close-up Magic at this wonderful Venue! 6-10 PM in North Phoenix!


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fly out to Chicago for the first time to perform a very private function for Muneer Satter and the retired Navy Seal Organization.  The show was held in his private home which was most beautiful and had the view of Lake Michigan. It was a most extravagant show! One of the best parts is I was able to explore the city the next day! I love my job and the adventures it takes me on!

The Andaz Hotel

I'm excited to be at the Andaz hotel next month for a private corporate event! More to come!


House of Comedy

Hey ya'll, had another blast blowing minds at Rick Bronsan's House of Comedy! Had some new effects, which some had the spectators running the other direction! Look forward to next time i'm there! ;)


Come see me at Solare, check my events for dates and times! They have decorated it to be very festive, as they do every year! And the food continues to blow me away!

The Main Tap Comedy and Magic Show

Another night of Comedy Magic! Come out and see me on Stage where normally the public doesn't see that part of my act!

There is lots of beer, and the food is excellent! AND NO COVER!



Magic at The Gathering RETURNS

So Magic at The Gathering has been gone on Saturdays for a couple months now. Yes, I've been very sad, so I wasn't SUPPOSED to have a show last night, but an elder lady that is a regular customer at The Gathering (which is an absolute sweetheart) called me and asked if i was there, I told her I wasn't but I would come by and say hello. On my way there, the owner called me and asked me to perform for a bit, I had to be somewhere so I only had an hour (not to mention I ONLY had on me a deck of cards.... noooo problem  I arrived, managed to talk the owner into having me back for Saturdays, visited with the nice lady, and actually stated an extra 45 min than planned, and still made my other plans JUST in time!!! For this week, i'll be at the Gathering both Friday AND Saturday, see you there!!!